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Pre-approval for restricted businesses

If your business is not allowed to use Paylike before it has been pre-approved (see our restricted businesses here), the account approval will look like the following:

  1. You (merchant): Contact us here and present us with your business case
  2. Paylike: Due diligence, compliance checks & contract creation
  3. You: Acceptance of requirements and contract
  4. Paylike: Account setup & high-risk registrations with Visa and Mastercard
  5. Paylike: Once your account has been fully setup, we will announce you that you can go live
  6. You: Go live and accept payments with Visa and Mastercard

Please be aware that you are NOT allowed to set up a live account and do live transactions before the above process have been completed, and we have permitted you to start with live transactions.

If you are in doubt if your business is high risk or restricted by us, then please contact us. No matter which business segment you are in (e.g. tobacco, travel, cryptocurrencies, adult, gambling) we take pride in meeting you and your industry with no political bias.

You are free to use your test account and start the integration with Paylike, but please remember you are not allowed to do live transactions before we have given you the go.