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Account statement

Every change which affects an account's balance is shown on the account's statement, just like with any regular bank account.

The account statement can be viewed by clicking the weight icon (⚖) on the account in the dashboard or pulled from our API.

Using the account statement in the dashboard

On the account statement, you can choose the period you want to see activity for. The default period is the first day of the last month until today. Activity from both dates is included.

You can download the account statement in a few different formats:

  • PDF (Click “Print statement”)
  • CSV
  • XLSX
  • XLS

For the CSV, XLSX and XLS statements you can include data from the transaction that affected the account's balance by selecting “Include all transaction data”. The following transaction data is included:

  • ID (the column is “originId”)
  • Date
  • Bin
  • Last4
  • Custom data is separated into columns

The PDF statement includes both your company information and Paylike's company information and can be used e.g. for legal purposes.

Accounting and bookkeeping

We issue an account statement, not an invoice, the same way your regular bank does it. Therefore, you should also treat your Paylike account as a regular bank account in terms of accounting.

Read our advice on accounting here.

If you have questions about the account statement or accounting, get in touch.