Beklager, men denne siden eksisterer kun i engelsk.

Node.js services builder at Paylike

We, Paylike, a Danish payments company, are looking for help in building our fleet of Node.js micro-services.

Small services communicate via events (RPCs and broadcasts) and host data in embedded databases. The architecture is simple, still early, with few moving gears.

  • No frameworks, the vanilla style
  • Functional over classes and side-effects
  • Small, single purpose, reusable codebases
  • Contribute back to Open source upstreams

Check out a work example (Gist).

The job is remote, part or full time, and we generally support you in whatever lifestyle you may practice. We have informal work aways in major European cities every two-four months. Participation is voluntary, any drop-in is cool, and we sponsor your transport. Our Aarhus, Denmark office is also open at all times.

Send your application here and we’ll get right back to you.